C++, Ruby and Perl.
C++ is my main programming language. I also use Perl quite a lot, although not as much as I used to, since I discovered Ruby.

My Testing page
Mostly links to nice articles for the moment.

Socket Programming.
Some useful links to get you up to speed with socket programming.

My Web Articles

Apart from articles I've published in print, I also have some articles on programming that are available only from this web site. Here they are:

In Defense of XP
Most Extreme Programming practices sound very peculiar the first time you hear about them. This article tries to explain them.

Source Code Line Counting
Mainly about C++. Presents a Ruby script to count the number of source code lines in a C++ program, but also some generic discussion and some links to get more information (and programs).

Hungarian Notation Considered Harmful
I don't like Hungarian Notation. Here's why.

My Work Setup
Explains what (mostly free) software I install on each Windows machine I get my hands on.

An overview of this software development methodology developed 20 years ago by Harlan Mills.

Resources for programmers

Joel Spolsky's Weblog
Some of his articles are quite controversial, but it's always interesting to hear what he has to say.

Pete McBreen is the author of a very good book: "Software Craftmanship". His website is worth visiting.

Dejan Jelovic's nice website
Mostly C++. His articles are more limited in scope, but he definitely shares ideas with Joel.

The C2 Wiki
In theory home for the Portland Pattern Repository. In practice a big discussion forum for programmers. Agile-XP-friendly.

Papers and Articles by the Pragmatic Programmers
The authors of The Pragmatic Programmer also have a website full of good articles.

Bill Venners'
A forum for developer idea exchange. I particularly like the interviews section. I think it's still a bit thin on content, but looking good.

The Register
News website for IT people. Has a definite UK slant. I find the articles interesting. No "viruses are destroying our ecomony"-type misinformation ;-)

Need To Know (
They present themselves as <*the* weekly high-tech sarcastic update for the uk>.

ACM Classic Papers
Really classic papers published by the ACM. They don't seem to update this page anymore. A pity. Features some all-time classics by Parnas, Dijkstra, Hoare, Wirth,...

A nice collection of papers on programming (mostly in C) at the Toronto University. If you're looking for some particular language you might as well take a look at Yahoo's Programming Languages index.