I've published some articles in computing magazines. This is the place where you can find them. Or at least links to the original publication, in case I didn't manage to get reprint rights.

  1. "Secure Random Numbers" , Windows Developer Magazine, August 2002.
    Security-related apps often need high-quality random numbers for keys and other encryption tasks. I describe generating secure random numbers in C++ using a variety of generators including Yarrow, Cryptlib, Crypto++, and more.
  2. "Testing Win32 GUIs with Perl and C" , Windows Developer Magazine, February 2002.
    Testing GUI-based apps manually can be challenging and expensive. I've written the Win32::GuiTest Perl module in a combination of Perl and C to help automate the GUI testing process. It bundles together the facilities for GUI testing offered by the Win32 API with some powerful general-purpose Perl functionality.
  3. "A Lightweight C++ Wrapper for Microsoft’s ODBC API" , Windows Developer Magazine, January 2002.
    The ODBC API allows access to a variety of data sources, but it can require a lot of nested calls to make a connection. I provide a wrapper to make accessing your data source easier. It also allows for creating and destroying data sources on the fly. The article is now available online (requires login). You can also get the source code from the WDJ source code archive. There's a file inside called that contains the code.
  4. "Porting Ping", Windows Developers Journal (now Windows Developer Magazine), October 2001.
    Shows how I ported a Win32 version of Ping I'd written some time ago to DCOM. The article itself is available online (requires login), and you can get the source code from the Windows Developer Magazine. Just look for a file called in the October 2001 issue.
  5. "Debugging Component-Based Memory Leaks", C/C++ Users Journal, January 2000.
    Shows a generic solution that allows tracking object lifetime in C++ programs.