C++ Programming

C++ is my main programming language. Programming in C++ is a bit tricky at times, and I'm quite happy to use some higher level language (like Ruby) when available and appropriate. There are times however where you need the full power of C++.

My C++ Articles

C++ Gotcha's
I you're new to C++, you might want to take a look at them. Just in case...

C++ Source Line Counting
A Ruby script to count C++ source lines. See my line counting article for some general issues.

Further Reading

C++ in the Real World: Advice from the Trenches.
Nathan C. Myers is the author of this nice C++ advocacy article.

ACCU C++ Links
Instead of maintaining my own list of C/C++ links, I'll rather point you to the links maintained by the ACCU.

Available C++ Libraries FAQ
Nikki Locke is the maintainer. Includes links to source code from books, free and commercial C++ libraries. Good links, but you'll find some of them aren't current anymore. As quick test: searching for Boost works, but Doxygen isn't mentioned anywhere.