My Perl goodies

Win32::GuiTest - Perl GUI Test Utilities
I'm a registered CPAN developer and author of a Perl module that allows sending keystrokes to Windows applications (and more!).

Perl Namshub's
Some short Perl script's I've written and sometimes even find useful.

Learn more about Perl

The Perl Journal
The only Perl journal I know of.
The Source for Perl.

The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Huge repository of Perl scripts and modules.

Search CPAN
A search engine to locate modules in CPAN.

If you're working on Windows, this is the version of Perl that you want.

Perl FAQs
The documentation that comes with Perl is very comprehensive. A good place to start is the FAQ.

Perl Module Mechanics
Steven McDougall is the author of this useful introduction to Perl modules.

Gluing C++ And Perl Together
Article by John Keiser is a good starting point if you need to make a .xs in C++.