I've written a page on Developer Testing, trying to clarify some ideas and terminology. Mostly things like code coverage, black-box testing and unit testing. Of course the article reflects my own ideas about testing.

Further Reading

Computer-Aided Software Test Tools for Unit Level Test
Writen by John J. Paliotta and William K. McCaffrey. If you change Ada to C++, it's very good description of the type of unit testing that I try to do. The article should probably have been called "What's wrong with unit testing". The article explains some problems very well, but misses the solutions. I don't think CAST (Computer Aided Software Testing) is such a great idea. Sounds too much like CASE ;-) The Extreme Programming approach is much better.

Articles by Cem Kaner.
Cem Kaner is co-author of "Testing Computer Software", 2nd Ed., Kaner, Clem, Jack Falk, and Hung Quoc Nguyen, New York, New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1999. Some consider him the leading figure in the testing field and his book is often mentioned as best testing book available.

Architectures of Test Automation
Article by Cem Kaner exploring the success factors in test automation.

Online Articles by Robert Binder.
He is the author of "Testing Object-Oriented Systems", Binder, Robert V. Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley, 2000. A huge book on OOT. He has also written some nice articles for the ACM.

Articles by James Bach.
Another testing guru with lot's of online articles (some of them originally from StickyMinds).

Brian Marick is the maintainer of this Testing Techniques Site. He knows a lot about "developer" testing. Part of that experience comes from writing coverage tools. He also has another site with his writings.

Software Testing and Quality Engineering Magazine

Totally Data-Driven Automated Testing by Keith Zambelich.
If you're considering what's the best way to write and organize your test scripts (meaning whatever VB or Perl-like language your tool of choice supports) you want to read this article.

Bibliography: Testing Object-Oriented Software

Glass-Box Testing (Techniques for Preventing Software Bugs) by Kevin Weeks

James Bach Writings

Test Drivers for the Code Interface

Kent Beck's Original Testing Framework Paper

Non-GUI Test Drivers and Test Suite Managers

Excerpt from Boris Beizer's book

Publications on the McCabe Complexity Metric

There is some stuff on testing in extreme programming in the Portland Pattern Repository (Wiki):