Computer chess

Grupo de Ajedrez por Computadora

I'm member of the Computer Chess Group at SIA-EUI-UPM.
Guess you never heard about those TLAs. Well, they mean:

Dept. Sistemas Inteligentes Aplicados
Escuela Universitaria de Informática
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

That's where the 7th. World Computer Chess Championship took place in 1992. I was lucky enough to be studying there at that time.

You can get more info on World Computer Chess Championships at the ICCA homepage.


Ken Thompson's endgame database
Ken Thompson (of UNIX fame wrote a program to generate all moves for certain chess endings automatically and managed to store them in a very compressed format. Chess masters expressed surprise when trying to beat the endgame database as it seemed difficult to apply standard chess analysis to the moves. Recently everybody seems to be talking about Eugene Nalimov's compressed table bases.
Parallel Computing Works
Contains a chapter on Computer Chess
Steve Pribut's Selected Chess Software
Links to several chess utilities, including some with source code.

Tim Mann's Chess Pages.

Computer Chess Programming by Paul Verhelst.