Security Engineering

%A Ross Anderson
%T Security Engineering
%D 2000?

Bruce Schneier says in the foreword

"It's the first, and only, end-to-end modern security design and engineering book ever written."
Not much I can add to that. Very interesting read even if you aren't working in the security field. The author has been called in as expert in lot's of interesting areas and some of the stories he tells are just amazing.

The book is structured in a way that makes it easy to skip advanced sections if you find the reading get's tough, although I don't think you'll need do skip anything. The author somehow turns potentially boring stuff like the Random Oracle Model into a real page-turner.

A bit reminiscent of other books like Schneier's Applied Cryptography or Nancy Leveson's Safeware, Security Engineering shares with them an almost encyclopedic treatment of the field and an astonishingly exhaustive bibliography.

The author maintains a web site that among other things includes an up-to-date errata.