PasswordSafe vs. KeePass Password Safe

Posted December 12, 2007 in Security has a good post on PasswordSafe vs. KeePass Password Safe.

I’ve been a user of Password Safe for a while and I’m very happy with it. My only (small) complaint related to the use of Blowfish as crypto algorithm. Not because it’s to weak for my purposes (it isn’t), but because I’d stick to one of the more mainstream AES candidates. Well, while I wasn’t looking, they have “upgraded” from Blowfish and SHA-1 to Twofish and SHA-256. So no complaints anymore :-)

Another big plus for Password Safe is the fact that you can also use Password Gorilla, a free Python-based program that understands Password Safe 3.0 databases and is available for non-Windows platforms. I use it on Mac to read the same database I use on Windows XP.