PIM for Windows

Posted December 05, 2007 in Mac, Windows

OK, so I’ve talked about PIM applications for the Mac, but what about Windows?

Well I downloaded the open-source, multi-platform NoteCase, which sadly isn’t the type of program I was looking for, but if you look at the help file, you’ll find a list of similar programs. It mentions DevonThink and Yojimbo for the Mac, so seems to be on the right track. A quick skim through the Windows list gave me two candidates:

Sometimes I’ve thought perhaps I just need some kind of easy-to-use database that I can customize on the fly. Perhaps a desktop version of Dabble DB. Well, funnily enough one of the oldest players in this market, FileMaker, has just announced Bento, a new personal database for Mac Leopard. Pity I’m still using Tiger.

Unrelated: While browsing, I came across Sophie, a multimedia authoring tool that looks interesting but for different reasons.